What is Dental Tourism in Kolkata?

Dental tourism is a kind of medical tourism that involves traveling to another country or city to receive dental care at a lower cost or to access specialized treatments or medical procedures that may or may not be available in one’s home country. This has become increasingly popular because it’s an affordable way to get high-quality dental care while exploring a new place and learning about a different culture. Kolkata, India is one of the popular destinations for dental tourism, offering world-class dental services at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

Dental Tourism in Kolkata is a budding concepts for a planned vacation along with total Dental solution and care. Dental treatment are very costly in most of the European and American countries. By opting dental tourism, one can enjoy holiday and receive services related to Dentistry such as Dental Implants at a very affordable price. Here are some great reasons to take a chance on dental tourism:

Why Go to Another Country for Dental Tourism?

Embark on a transformative dental journey through dental tourism in Kolkata ,India, where a world of exceptional care and captivating experiences await you. India stands out as a premier destination for dental tourism, offering a myriad of compelling reasons to choose it for your dental needs.

Beyond dental care, India offers an enchanting cultural experience that seamlessly blends with your journey. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of traditions, heritage sites, and diverse landscapes that India has to offer. From majestic historical monuments to breathtaking natural wonders, each region of India presents a unique and unforgettable experience.

Dental tourism in Kolkata combines affordability, expertise, advanced facilities, language proficiency, and a captivating cultural experience. Discover a world where your dental health is transformed, and your senses are awakened to the wonders of India. Embrace this opportunity to not only enhance your smile but also embark on a memorable adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

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How to Prepare for Dental Travel?

Choosing dental tourism you are probably imagining a travel abroad, visiting beautiful countries, treating your teeth and enjoying your time. All of this, of course, is true, but there will be nothing pleasant if you forget to take care of some small, important things.

To prepare for dental travel:

  1. Research and choose a reputable dental clinic.
  2. Schedule a consultation and treatment plan.
  3. Make travel arrangements and gather necessary documents.
  4. Ensure effective communication, considering language barriers.
  5. Consider financial aspects and explore payment options.
  6. Visit your local dentist for pre-travel check-up.
  7. Plan for post-treatment care.
  8. Keep emergency contact information handy.

Benefits of Chosing Dental Tourism in Kolkata

    • Cost Effectiveness: Compared to equivalent services in other countries, surgical procedures in kolkata are far less costly. The cost of the therapy will be paid for in your own currency, but the total will be determined after translating Indian Rupees to dollars, pounds, dirhams, or any other applicable national currencies. A root canal surgery may be performed for as cheap as 40 USD in a kolkata hospital, whereas metal-infused dentures cost about 120 USD each tooth. In contrast to these costs, dental care in the majority of foreign countries starts at just $100 for an extraction.

      If you’re still unsure about dental tourism in kolkata, perhaps the benefits listed below will convince you. Here are some of the most convincing justifications that will remove your hesitation about dental tourism in Kolkata.

    • No language barrier: There won’t be a communication problem as English is widely spoken in India. You can easily converse with the dentist and the majority of people on the street as long as you speak English.
    • Accommodations: You can find accomodation that is suitable for your needs. There are various alternatives to choose from, including guesthouses, moderately priced luxury hotels, vacation rentals on Airbnb, and hostels. There are several five-star hotels with premium guest rooms available if you absolutely want something more upmarket

Why chose Dr Anuradha Dental clinic as your dental tourism partner in kolkata?

kolkata, which is an amazing showcase  ancient and modern- is home to millions of people and century-old monuments. Kolkata’s   heritage, fascinating outdoors, mouthwtering  cuisines are significant chapters in the book of India’s history.Every year, hundreds of people choose to visit the vivacious, lively city as their favourite. Kolkata has a umber of  multi speciaity dntistry facilities but Dr Anuradha  Bose Dental Clinic is the best among those and  takes great satisfaction in providing patients with first-rate dental care and a pleasant experience in general.

Discover the perfect blend of dental excellence and tourism in Kolkata. Experience world-class dental treatments at affordable prices while exploring the cultural wonders of this vibrant city. Our skilled dentists offer a wide range of services, from cosmetic dentistry to implantology, ensuring top-notch care. Enjoy the convenience of modern dental facilities, English-speaking staff, and personalized treatment plans. Combine your dental journey with the rich history, delicious cuisine, and cultural heritage that Kolkata has to offer. Embrace dental tourism in Kolkata for a memorable experience and a healthy, beautiful smile.


Dental Treatments Offered at Best Dental Tourism in Kolkata

Kolkata is well equipped with quality hospitals and experienced dentists that assure reliable treatment. Many dental tourism providers in Kolkata offer you worthwhile dental packages. Most of them include the following dental surgery/treatment options:

Smile Makeover

Unlock the smile of your dreams with our exceptional smile designing services.

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with our exceptional teeth whitening services.

Dental Implants

Regain the confidence to smile with our cutting-edge dental implant solutions.

Cosmetic Filling

Enhance your smile discreetly with our cosmetic filling treatments.

Gap Closure

Say goodbye to the gaps in your smile with our effective gap closure treatments.

Root Canal Treatment

Restore your oral health with our top-notch root canal treatment.

Kids Dentistry

Make your child's dental experience a positive one with our specialized kids dentistry services.

Dental Surgery

Experience exceptional dental surgery tailored to your specific needs.

Dental Treatments Price in The World






Our Clinic

Dental Implants





$400 (Rs30,000-55,000)

Root Canal Treatment





$120 (Rs5000-Rs 8000)







Teeth Whitening





$120 (Rs- 7000- Rs 12000)

Wisdom tooth removal





ProcedureUSAMexicoHungaryIndiaOur Clinic
Dental Implants$2990-$5000$990$1000$525-1012$$400 (Rs30,000-55,000)
Root Canal Treatment$800-1200$$369$360$200$120 (Rs5000-Rs 8000)
Teeth Whitening$150-300$$70$7025-$30$120 (Rs- 7000- Rs 12000)
Wisdom tooth removal$250-500$$120$180$90


Your Dental Journey at Best Dental Tourism in Kolkata

Explore and engage in a comprehensive discussion of all viable treatment options available for your dental concerns, enabling you to select the optimal solution that suits your needs. Through personalized treatment planning tailored to your specific requirements, we aim to alleviate any anxieties or uncertainties you may have.

Video Consultation with our Specialist

Prior to finalizing your travel arrangements, we offer the option of scheduling a non-obligatory online e-consultation with Dr. Anuradha Bose, our esteemed Head Specialist and Founder. Through video call, Dr. Anuradha Bose can address your concerns, provide expert guidance, and assist you in formulating a tentative treatment plan. This preliminary consultation serves as a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions before your visit.

Verify the dates, we will Take care of rest

Once you have confirmed your travel dates, your dedicated Personal Client Relationship Manager will take care of coordinating all your appointments, arranging airport transportation, and assisting with accommodation and hotel bookings. Our goal is to ensure a convenient and hassle-free experience for you, by locating comfortable accommodations in close proximity to our Dental Office, minimizing the need for extensive travel on your part.

Your Treatment Journey

Advance Dental Care

Indulge in a lavish international dental care experience within our cutting-edge facility, equipped with the latest advancements in dental technology. With our world-class infrastructure, we proudly stand among the top-ranking dental clinics in Kolkata, India. Our team of globally trained specialists is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the finest dental experience possible.


We understand the importance of personalized care during your dental journey. That's why we provide a dedicated Personal Client Relationship Manager (CRM) who serves as your primary point of con. We forge lifelong relationships and provide unwavering support to our patients during challenging times. Should you ever require assistance with any dental concerns in the future, we would be delighted to extend our helping hand and ensure your well-being.

Choose Your Package

Best Packages for Dental Tourism has soared in western countries. While medical treatments may be covered by some insurance companies, many foreigners find themselves without any dental treatment insurance and have no choice but to pay for their dental treatments themselves. For the millions of un-insured people, dental tourism in India are a practical option

Premium Dental Treatments Before and After

Our Dental Treatments before after photos speak for themselves. They show the difference that Our Doctors can make to your life with a natural Smile, Restore Missing Teeth and complete Dental Care success.


India is unquestionably safe for dental tourism. You get world-class facilities and professionals who have received worldwide training. Globally, Indian paramedical skill is recognised and approved.Global recognition and acclaim are accorded to Indian paramedical skill.

The reason India can provide such affordable pricing is because infrastructural expenses are a fraction of what they are in the West, and Indian dentists simply have a lesser overhead, which is passed on to customers as a cost savings. Dental treatment in India can provide you with all of the dental procedures you require. If you require cosmetic or restorative dentistry, India can meet your demands at a significant cost discount.

Absolutely! Dental tourism in Kolkata allows you to explore the cultural attractions, historical sites, markets, and cuisine of the city, offering a well-rounded travel experience.

Before traveling, consult with your local dentist, gather dental records, and ensure you have necessary documents. After treatment, follow post-operative care instructions and schedule any required follow-up appointments or treatments.

 Dental treatments in Kolkata can be significantly more affordable compared to other countries. The cost savings vary depending on the specific treatment required but can be substantial

Kolkata has become a centre for internationally renowned dental care. Many people travel from overseas to kolkata to receive high-quality dental care.Dental tourism in kolkata has significantly contributed to the popularity of the nation as a destination for dental care.Kolkata is well on its way to quickly becoming a global centre for dental medicine, hence it is a perfect decision to consider kolkata for your next dental procedure.

Yes, foreigners travel to India for dental care. Due to its affordable procedures and top-notch dental care, India is growing in popularity as a destination for dental tourists. India has a vast potential for dental tourism, and the country is growing in popularity for dental procedures. People seeking dental care may find India to be an appealing alternative because the cost of dental care here is far less expensive than in other nations.


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